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Hopper’s work keenly intertwines with notions of identity, plurality and meaninglessness in a process he calls "queer extended drawing". In his work, vacuity and nihilism are displayed through versions of common viewpoints, whether they be a relief and rubbing of a bull as a symbol of inviolablity or a flag, a simplification and signifier of weaponised identity.

Upon closer inspection of these images, one might glimpse into the erased layer of invisible drawings underneath. Expectation of content is betrayed and meaning is uncovered as a mutable, hollowed-out entity, slippery in its core.

Plurality is embraced by allowing the debris of life and work to remain, complexities to lie within a work ready to be interpreted or not and by negating negations of what 'should' be.

In performance, he posits that we are only ourselves when we forget our identity, that nonsense is in fact the answer to feelings of meaninglessness.

Hopper's practice spans many disiplines, he is available as a freelance artist, illustrator, writer, image-editor and art-director.