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'What's that dirt under your nails made of?'

Curated by Nina Kettiger, Lukas Hofmann, Tomasz Skibicki.
Karlin Studios, Prague, Czechia, 2016.

'Prickly' is a series of three drawings in petrol and ink on paper coloured by the light through a window. The figures bodies are twisted nude objects their expressions comprehending their apparent objecthood. Nailed on a wall next to the sickily sweet scent of ocean mist and mango plastic rippling around a ball-chain, the drawings are disconcerting. Their subjects on closer look not projecting erotisism, and the setting comprised of falsehoods: a sensuously disguised drain, sweat stains from bodies actually prints of refined petrol; made by the sentient objects depicted above. Outside flame proof netting burns.

'What's that dirt under your nails made of?' was an immersive installation and performative project aiming to imagine and rethink the core ideas behind communitive structures.
Taking place in the now demolished institution Karlin Studios, the artists responded to the climate by approaching the idea of the Armageddon and Survival and how to sustainably maintain communities in a spiritual and physical environment.

Text by Nina Kettiger.

List of Contributors: 

Israel Aten, Coucou Chloé, Racheal Crowther, Carina Erdmann, Michael Grillenberger and Ingrid Stadler, Caspar Jade Heinemann, Scott MacCartney Hopper, Romy Kettiger, Anna Kindermann, Esben Weile Kjær, Marie Lea Lund, Nat Marcus, Lužek Marný, Olesya Nedostoynaya. More...